The importance of having health insurance during COVID-19 pandemic

Over the years, human beings have faced various types of different pandemics which have resulted in catastrophic losses. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all the importance of being prepared to avoid contagion, but at the same time, how essential it is to be prepared for what happens in case we or any of our our loved ones get infected.The United States, one of the richest powers on the planet, is today one of the countries with the most infected people with more than 14.2 million infections and about 276 thousand deaths. This opens the panorama for us since a large part of those affected lacked health protection.

These past few months, health has become the number one priority for everyone, it is a priority to focus on maintaining it. As the saying goes: “Better safe than sorry” and despite the fact that no one thought that our lives would change in a 180 degree turn due to Covid-19, what we do know today is the importance and tranquility of have health insurance with coverage for Covid-19, which will take a great weight off our shoulders, providing the peace of mind of being covered and avoiding economic instability due to large medical costs in case of contagion.

Health Insurance against COVID-19

Having health insurance with coverage for COVID-19 will allow you to have economic peace and tranquility in the months to come, in addition to having the possibility of treating yourself on time, reducing the chances of infecting others.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the first serious test of the Affordable Care Act as a new social safety net, and the law’s provisions have proven adroit, if imperfect, in protecting Americans from losing health insurance in the midst of an infectious disease outbreak and economic crisis.

As we all know, this pandemic has brought economic devastation in its wake, with tens of millions of people losing their jobs or experiencing sharp reductions in income. Job loss causes people to lose job-based coverage, and loss of income can make it harder to pay premiums. The data confirms that a large number of people have lost their occupational health coverage.

Health programs like Obamacare and Medicare have proven their ability to protect families during an economic downturn. More and more residents and citizens of the United States have benefited from its many virtues, including provisions that require insurers to cover people with pre-existing health conditions, not limit the amount of coverage they provide throughout the and allow young adults to stay on their parents’ policies until they turn 26.

¿Sabía que puede obtener un subsidio para su plan de seguro médico?

Los planes de seguro médico ofrecen subsidios a quienes no pueden acceder a las pólizas por su situación. Para calificar a estos subsidios se toma en cuenta la edad, el tamaño del hogar y los ingresos del solicitante. Dependiendo de estas respuestas, una gran parte de las personas reciben un seguro médico SIN COSTO.

No tiene nada de que preocuparse. Permítanos ayudarle.

Si lo que usted busca es estar preparado con un plan de seguro médico, Texas Medical Care Plans, con más de 10 años de experiencia, está aquí para ayudarle en su proceso para adquirir el plan que mejor cubra sus necesidades y las de su familia de acuerdo a su presupuesto. Incluso, podemos ayudarle a solicitar apoyos y subsidios para que su plan de seguro médico sea SIN COSTO.

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