Call your doctor today!

Today is National Call Your Doctor Day, a day that was initially created as a way of reminding women of getting their annual health checkups, but has changed to being a day in which people of all genders and ages are encouraged to speak to their doctor about their overall health and learn about preventative measures to reduce their risks of disease. 

Regular checkups with your healthcare provider can benefit your health in many ways. Some of the key benefits include:


1. Finding potentially life-threatening health issues early before they cause a problem

2. Early treatment of health conditions, which increases the odds of a good outcome

3. Regular monitoring of existing health issues, which lowers the risk of worsening symptoms or severe complications

4. Staying up-to-date on vaccinations and screening tests

5. Limiting extra healthcare costs associated with treating complicated or serious conditions that aren’t caught early

6. Developing and maintaining an open and honest relationship with your primary care physician (PCP)

7. Learning new ways to live a healthy, longer life and improving your health

A health plan could cover preventive services for you and your family. Let us help them today!

At Texas Medical Care Plans, your friends and family can still enroll in a health plan. Share their contact information with us so we can get in touch with them, or have them contact us today at (915) 781-1614 to advise them on the benefits they could have at no cost.

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