International Day of Families

International Day of Families is a very important day to promote the recognition of the structure and security that the family core provides in a healthy development of all its members. Here are some ideas to celebrate this day with your loved ones.

Female Multi-Generation Hispanic Family Relaxing In Garden At Home Together

Watch a movie together

Watching a movie together is a good way to share a family moment that everyone will enjoy. There is nothing like watching a fun movie to laugh with as a family.

Play together

Playing a game in which all members of the family participate is a nice way to spend quality time, board games, puzzles, or memory games are an easy and fun option to have fun together.

Eat together

This way you can see and talk to each other for a long time and in a safe space, where everyone is comfortable.

Visit parents and grandparents

This can be a good day to get together with all your relatives and catch up on all the things that have happened lately to strengthen bonds between all of you.

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