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Learn all about Obamacare benefits.

Texas Medical Care Plans provides a simple and affordable solution for the best Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) health insurance plans. We work with insurance carriers to find the best healthcare plans in your area so that you can get the care you need at the lowest cost possible. According to the latest statistics in the US, 4 million people are eligible for free medical coverage. You could be one of them who can benefit from Obamacare.

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 Obamacare benefits:

Preventive health checkups

Preventive health checkups can identify problems that can develop into a disease, allowing proper measures to be taken to prevent it from developing further. If you have health insurance, you should be able to get these services or procedures at no cost to you. These 50 procedures include visits to women’s care, detection of family violence, support during breastfeeding, and pregnancy prevention. For more information, visit HealthCare.gov.

Pregnancy and newborn care

Pregnant people are entitled to the health care services that they need and should be able to have the treatment they need. It is the government’s job to make sure that women can get affordable health care, including care before and after giving birth. This means that all authorized health insurance plans must cover these services without copay or coinsurance, even when you haven’t met your deductible. For more information about benefits during pregnancy, visit HealthCare.gov.

Mental health and Addiction treatment

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety levels have increased. Here at Texas Medical Care Plans, we want to make sure you have the support you need to face and control your emotional adversities. Your health insurance must cover treatments for alcoholism and other hard drug abuse and control. If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find a plan that covers your needs.