5 most common household accidents

Today, I want to talk to you about accidents at home.  As much as we try to make our homes as safe as possible, accidents at home can always surprise us. When it comes to the health of our loved ones, especially our young and our elders, we need to know exactly what to do when an accident occurs. That’s why I share here the 5 most common domestic accidents and tips to prevent and face them:

couple having accident when cooking in kitchen at home, meal food prepare with knife


Most poisoning incidents involve medications, cleaning products, and cosmetics that are often found in our homes. That is why it is important to keep dangerous products out of the reach of children as a precautionary measure.


Falls can affect people of all ages, but are more common in children and elders. Often when a child falls, a few words of encouragement will be enough to get them back on their feet. However, if the person who has fallen becomes drowsy, vomits, or loses consciousness, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

Drowning or Suffocation

Babies like to put things in their mouths, and sometimes they may accidentally swallow them and choke. If the object cannot be quickly removed, call 911 immediately.


It is important to keep a safe distance from campfires, stoves, irons, and matches, as they can be dangerous. Any burn should be held directly under cold running water for ten minutes and then examined.

Injuries caused by broken glass

Broken glass can cause serious injuries, remember to take extra care when picking it up as it can result in an accident. It’s also important to make sure that glass doors, tables and shelves meet proper safety standards and are in good repair.

Accidents happen, so it is better to prevent them and stay protected with a health plan that can cover access to emergency rooms in case of an accident. Let us help your loved ones today.

At Texas Medical Care Plans, your friends and family can still enroll in a health plan. Share their contact information with us so we can get in touch with them, or have them contact us today at (915) 781-1614 to advise them on the benefits they could have at no cost.

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