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Texas Medical Care Plans

International Women’s Day 2024

In Texas Medical Care Plans, we take pride in highlighting that the majority of our dedicated workforce is composed of exceptional women. On this International Women’s Day, we extend our sincerest gratitude to all the women on our team for their loyalty and commitment to our company. Their invaluable contribution is the essence of our […]

Do you have Medicare?

This is the moment for individuals over 65 years of age to make changes to their coverage or enroll for the first time in a Medicare Advantage plan. This period will be in effect from October 15th to December 7th, 2023. We remind you that our services are completely free, and you can visit us [...]

Informational Meetings about Medicare Advantage Plans for 2024

Informational Meetings about Medicare Advantage Plans for 2024 If you are interested in a new or different Medicare Advantage Plans, we recommend you to contact us by phone, text, or WhatsApp or to attend any of our informational events to find a new plan that fits your needs for 2024:   125 N. Glenwood St. […]

Excessive Heat Warning in El Paso, Texas

Excessive Heat Warning:El Paso, Tx. can reach temperatures of up to 110 degrees.   Please take care of yourself and your loved ones during the heat wave. Learn more about tips to reduce the risk of extreme fatigue or heat stroke from high temperatures. It’s important to know that high temperatures can cause illness and even […]

International Women’s Day 2023

March 8 every year is designated by the United Nations as International Women’s Day. The existence of international days is older than the United Nations, but the UN has adopted them as powerful tools for advocacy. International Women’s Day is a day when people all over the world celebrate the social, economic, political, and cultural […]

Texas Medical Care Plans

Stop and Prevent Fraud

Steps to Prevent Fraud It’s easier than ever to fall for fraud today. It can be hard to recognize when a person offering a service or promising a job is providing accurate information and isn’t trying to steal your personal information. Our goal at Texas Medical Care Plans is to help our clients always have […]

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