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Are You Sleeping Well?

Here are some sleep hygiene tips!

A hygiene routine before, during, and after sleeping is important for a healthy lifestyle. According to studies, adequate sleep helps prevent chronic diseases, weight gain and coronary disease, and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. A good sleep routine will allow you to be more productive and have enough energy to enjoy family time.

Maintain a routine every night and every morning

It is important to maintain a sleep schedule, as our body works in cycles. Setting a schedule helps program our body for better performance. Once our body gets used to a routine, it becomes biologically easier to maintain a good sleeping pattern in a consistent manner.

Avoid caffeine after noon and follow a healthy diet

Coffee or tea with caffeine might give you a boost to start your day with extra energy, however, keep in mind that these stimulants can sabotage your sleep. Be mindful of your caffeine consumption and sugars during the day to have a restful night of sleep.

Exercise 2 to 4 times per week

We need at least an hour of exercise two to three times per week. A healthy exercise routine allows you to burn energy during the day and allow you to be tired before going to bed and get a satisfactory rest. It also helps you burn extra weight which will also affect your quality of sleep.

Avoid using cell phones, televisions, or any other electronics an hour before sleeping

Several studies have found that the blue light emitted by electronic screens disrupts the normal performance of melatonin. This hormone is in charge of regulating your daily sleep cycles. This hormone is released in the darkness and it serves as the natural clock for our body.

Create relaxing habits for sleep time

We recommend exploring products such as essential oils, sleeping masks, relaxing music, or even meditation. It is important your bedroom becomes a “rest temple,” and that your space is clean and at a temperature of 65º. Avoid blue lights, and invest in elements that allow you to get better and more positive rest.


We hope these five pieces of advice help you get a healthy sleep routine. It is also important you get your yearly checkups, which are part of your Obamacare plan. These regular checkups can help you prevent chronic diseases. Remember to take care of your health and the health of your family with health insurance plans.

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