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Stop and Prevent Fraud

Fraud Preventation

Steps to Prevent Fraud

It’s easier than ever to fall for fraud today. It can be hard to recognize when a person offering a service or promising a job is providing accurate information and isn’t trying to steal your personal information. Our goal at Texas Medical Care Plans is to help our clients always have the best insights and advice possible when managing all aspects of their wellness, including financial wellness. You can stop fraud – and prevent yourself from becoming a victim. There are a few key things to know that could help you to avoid fraudulent situations.

#1: Analyze the Situation Carefully

If it is too good to be true, it often is. That includes easy-money offers, prizes, job offers, and text messages asking for your account details are nearly always fraud. If you receive these solicitations, then find out what’s occurring:

  • Contact the party directly, such as going to their website rather than clicking on any links in emails or text messages. 
  • Verify the phone number with the website if they are calling you. If it doesn’t match, hang up and call the company directly.

#2: Never Give Out Sensitive Information

One of the most essential components of fraud prevention is never giving out your personal information. That includes:

  • Passwords 
  • Account numbers 
  • Social Security numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Code words or answers to secret questions

If someone calls you from a company you have an account with requesting this information, refuse to give it to them. Hang up and then call the customer service line directly from the number on the website.

#3: Protect Your Health Care Information 

If anyone contacts you requesting information about your Medicare or Obamacare insurance, never provide details over the phone. If they are legitimately calling you from your provider, they already have this information. There has been a rise in the number of fraud-related health insurance claims. 

In situations where you’re unsure if the company is really your healthcare provider, contact your agent directly. At Texas Medical Care Plans, we’re here to help you at any time. Don’t give out any information even if the company claims to offer free quotes. They can use this information to file a claim against your insurance later.

Know How to Report Fraud

You’re not alone in your fight to avoid fraud. Because of how significant it can be, it’s always important to report any incidents that happen to you. To do that, contact:

  • Your health insurance agent or provider to verify your account information has not been leaked or that the person is legitimately from the company.
  • Your bank or financial institution if any information related to your accounts has been discussed by someone calling or otherwise contacting you.
  • The Texas Inspector General if you suspect illegal activity, fraud, or identity theft regarding your health insurance or other personal information.

At Texas Medical Care Plans, we take pride in helping our clients to avoid fraud. Ask us about the steps you can take to protect your accounts. We take fraud prevention seriously in El Paso, Texas. 

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