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World Cancer Day 2024: Understanding the Power of Preventive Healthcare

World Cancer Day 2024: Understanding the Power of Preventive Healthcare

At Texas Medical Care Plans, we prioritize your well-being, especially as we commemorate World Cancer Day. In this blog post, we aim to highlight the significance of preventive healthcare and wellness initiatives, underlining our strong commitment to creating a healthier and happier community.

World Cancer Day, El Paso, Texas.
According to recent research, In the United States for 2023, nearly half of the estimated 609,820 cancer deaths are linked to modifiable risk factors. Making positive lifestyle changes can significantly reduce the risk of cancer, including quitting smoking, avoiding secondhand smoke, maintaining a healthy weight, moderating alcohol intake, adopting a balanced diet, staying physically active, protecting against ultraviolet radiation, and preventing cancer-associated infections. These efforts empower individuals to take charge of their health and minimize the impact of these factors on their well-being. Additionally, cancer screening tests can play a crucial role in preventing thousands of additional cancer cases and deaths by detecting and addressing potential issues early on. You can find Cancer Screenings Guidelines by Age here.

Our mission is to make quality healthcare, especially preventive care, accessible to everyone in our community of El Paso, Texas. If you don’t have health insurance, please remember that our services are entirely free. Let us explore various options together and be a part of your journey toward achieving optimal health and well-being—not just on World Cancer Day but beyond.


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